Conditions of use

These general conditions of use (COU) govern the use of the EISF website as well as the service contract between the learner and the EISF. The rights and obligations of the different parties are specified in the pastry training course contract signed during the registration process. The COU are supplemented by the provisions relating to the privacy policy and protection of privacy.



1/ Designation

The EISF – Ecole Internationale du Savoir-faire Français – is a training organization registered at the prefecture of Paris.

Its contact details :


Ecole Internationale du Savoir-faire Français – EISF

Sis, 3bis Villa Jean-Baptiste Luquet - 75015 Paris - FRANCE

Siret n°: 811 371 375 00013


The learner guarantees to be over 18 years of age and to be legally capable of entering into a contract.



2/ The dematerialization of educational services

The EISF provides exclusively an e-learning course, of great quality at least equivalent to a traditional face-to-face training course.


The EISF is built on the current digital culture to modernize the pedagogical tools available to instructors and learners.


Flexible, this training course adapts itself to the constraints of each learner. Individualized, it will encourage a targeted and effective learning experience. Economic, its price is not an obstacle to your project.


All the educational content is designed specifically to be accessible, anytime, and anywhere, from a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an Internet connection.


The EISF does not send any paper documents. All teaching materials are available on the pedagogical platform. Only training course contract, invoices can be printed at home.



3/ Pedagogical tools

The EISF has the most suitable pedagogical tools for e-learning.


  • An online training platform to manage learners access to the different modules, monitor their pedagogical progress, and a social network support.
  • Instructional videos,
  • Illustrated courses,
  • Interactive exercises,
  • Internship agreements (only on the French territory)
  • Digital skills badges,
  • An internal social network,
  • Instructors, practicing professionals.



4/ The organization of the course

The course is the subject of a progressive program for the acquisition of skills and French know-how.


The EISF proposes a training plan that considers the progressiveness of the acquisition of the different skills.


The learner adapts his training rhythm to his day-to-day organization.



5/ Certificates and exams

The EISF pedagogical team provides pedagogical assistance and a personalized correction of the practical exercises, from the EISF's own social network.


Achievements are assessed as the pedagogical progression progresses.


The EISF courses are all sanctioned by a certificate of aptitude, available in the form of digital skills badges, which meet the French know-how criteria evaluated throughout the course.



6/ How to register

The learner has the possibility to subscribe to the pastry training course contract directly from the EISF website.


The registration process is done exclusively online.


The EISF provides on its website all the information necessary for the free and informed consent of the learner. The EISF specifies in particular the content of the training, the pedagogical process, the modalities of online teaching, the functionalities of the workspace, the educational resources made available, the conditions of registration and in particular the price and duration of the training. For any additional information, the EISF provides the learner with an information service by email or telephone.


The learner guarantees that he is legally capable of entering into a contract and will use his personal credit card for the payment of his training course.


By clicking on the button "Approve to sign my contract", the learner declares to fully and unreservedly accept the conditions of the contract as well as the conditions of use. He undertakes to comply with the conditions of use of the platform, the internal regulations and the internet discipline specified in Article 7.


By clicking on the "Approve and pay" button, the learner finalizes his commitment and proceeds to the payment of his training course.


The general conditions of use, the training course contract and the program can be instantly printed.



7/ The pastry training course contract

The clauses of the training course contract are indivisible. They are non-negotiable.


The training course is subscribed for a maximum period of 18 months.


The EISF reserves the right to modify the teaching contracts it offers at any time. These changes do not apply to current contracts.



8/ Payment for training course

The price for the chosen training option is clearly indicated on the website and in the training course contract.


It is net of any other charge. It is non-negotiable, fixed, definitive and due in full after the validation of the contract.


The EISF reserves the right to modify at any time the price of its training courses, to offer preferential rates at any given time. Its modifications can in no way have an impact on current contracts.


Payment is made by the following means:


  • either by credit card using the secure payment interface;
  • either by bank transfer credited to the EISF bank account,


The materials and ingredients specific to the training course are the responsibility of the learner.


The payment of the training course entitles you to all the services offered by the EISF.



9/ The internal rules and internet discipline

The EISF assigns, at the time of registration, an individual access to the course platform which is materialized by an access code and a password.


This access is strictly personal and non-transferable. It automatically ceases at the end of the training course contract.


The EISF monitors:


  • the exclusive use of the access to the educational platform;
  • respect for copyrights that protect the different teaching materials and videos;
  • the good will and professionalism of the exchanges on the internal social network;
  • the fluidity of the computer system;
  • compliance with applicable laws.


The EISF reserves the right to suspend the access rights, in the event of repeated violations of the rules, previously notified by e-mail.


In accordance with Articles 27 and 34 of the French Law No. 78‑17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, the learner has access to the information concerning him and has a right of rectification if necessary.



10/ Non-compliance with the COU

Failure  by the learner to comply with the obligations subscribed to under the COU and the pastry training course contract, and in particular in the event of a fraud or an attempted fraud, and any incident of payment of the training course, may result in the suspension to the platform, or even the termination of the training course contract depending on the degree of seriousness of the acts in question,  without prejudice to any damages that may be sought by the EISF.



11/ Access to the EISF services

As soon as the training contract is concluded and the payment has been approved, the learner receives his access codes to his EISF workspace, developed on the American SABA platform.


The learner connects to the platform for the duration of the contract, from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, connected to the Internet.


The EISF platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, subject to maintenance operations involving the unavailability of the EISF less than a few hours per year.


The Saba Cloud app allows an offline access to certain training modules.



12/ Individual civil liability

As part of the internships (only on the French territory), the learner takes out a civil liability and accident insurance



13/ Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-21 of the French consumer Code, the learner has 14 days following the conclusion of the training course contract to exercise his right of withdrawal, without having to justify reasons or pay any penalties. He notifies his wish to withdraw by means of the form made available on the EISF website in his personal space.


Upon reception of the withdrawal request, the EISF terminates the service contract and the access to the platform. It reimburses the sums paid and interrupts the payment in x instalments free of charge if necessary.


In accordance with Article L 121-21-5 of the French consumer Code, the learner may, without losing his right of withdrawal, start his training from the first day. In such a case, and in the event of the exercise of its right of withdrawal, the EISF is entitled to claim payment of an amount corresponding to the service provided until the communication of his decision to withdrawal, provided that this request is received by the EISF within the prescribed period.


The service provided is evaluated according to the time spent on the platform and the use of the resources.


After this period of 14 days, the registration with the EISF is final. It is confirmed by a certificate of enrolment available to the learner on the EISF website, in his personal space.



14/ Early termination

Once the registration is final, early termination of the training course contract is possible at any time. At the request of the learner, the EISF may reimburse part of the training costs. The calculation is made taking into account the time elapsed and the number of training modules completed.



15/ Litigation

Any dispute in the subscription or cancellation of the training contract will give, initially, an attempt to an amicable settlement.


French law applies.


The courts of Paris in France have sole jurisdiction.